Join us for our next market on Saturday 31st May, 2014.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Featured Designer: Sarah, from Sea Soul Studio

Every inspired object on every single stall at the Barn Market has a narrative.  Sometimes we feel we intuitively know that story –just from a glance. And sometimes the handmade objects stir a memory, a feeling or desire that leaves us needing to know more.  

So, we’re coaxing some of the Barn Market makers, designers, artisans and creatives out of their studios to share their unique stories and passions behind those objects we call handmade. 

We're incredibly proud of the prodigious talent they share with us at each and every Barn Market.  

Sarah Woodward is the energy and drive behind Sea Soul Studio. Not only are her pieces incredibly beautiful, they are also very tactile and reveal an intimate connectedness with, and passion for, the stunning corner of Tasmania she calls home.

What was the inspiration and drive behind Sea Soul Studio?
As most creative types would agree, the urge to design and make is an incredibly strong force within us, sometimes surpassing the urge to eat and sleep! After deciding to leave the frantic world of cheffing and allow myself to really BE and create from that place, Sea Soul Studio was born.  Even though it is my business, it is hugely personal because what I create are little pieces of my experience of life. My designs are influenced heavily by our lives in our lovely old cottage by the sea as well as our roadtrips, travel and general wanderlust.

What attracted you to working with clay?
Well, its mud pies for adults, really, isn’t it?  I have been working with clay for about 4 years now and I am still in awe of it’s versatility, you can create almost any form you can imagine. Whether or not that form holds up to the stresses of drying and firing is a completely different story, let’s just say I have a rather large “mosaic” stash.

You have described yourself as having a “bowerbird nature”, does that influence your work at Sea Soul Studio?
Every day! Points of inspiration come from the most unexpected places, and I’ve learnt never to force it. I’ve been thinking recently about a new range of jewellery for Winter and was coming up blank for a few weeks, then I found a piece of pressed tin panelling and held and looked at it for ages, I just loved the pattern and texture. So, there will be a brooch in homage to this and a ring inspired by ceiling roses!  So, this is how a new collection is started.

Can you describe a major challenge you have had to overcome to create Sea Soul Studio?
RSI! As I was winding down the hospitality career, I had awful pain in my hands and wrists (tenosynovitis in my left, which meant I couldn’t even move my thumb. At all.)  I almost had surgery but decided if I was going to do this whole life-balance-live-my-true-nature-thing then I owed it to myself to try resting and allowing my body time to heal. (And I’m a big chicken!) Which it has, until I try to do too much, then I get some warning pains, which is my body telling me I’m getting a bit out of balance!!! So, be careful what you wish for.

What can we expect to see in the future for Sea Soul Studio?
I am so excited about branching out from fine porcelain jewellery and creating some beautiful, earthy homewares. So far there are dishes and spoons of varying sizes, some for special purposes such as the Thorne Cottage Cheese Dish (named after our house), which is the perfect size for a wheel of brie and can be popped in the oven if it happened to be one of those yummy prosciutto wrapped specimens. 
My hubby-to-be has built me a fabulous new slab roller, so I’m looking forward to making some big platters in coming months, all ready for sitting around the fire and eating antipasto off, whilst sipping mulled wine out of old silver goblets.

Thanks Sarah! Keep an eye out for Sarah and Sea Soul Studio at the Barn Market. 

We'll have stories from other makers over the coming weeks and months - pop back again to read more about our amazing local talent!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A few snaps from a fabulous day at the Barn Market today!

Thank you to all our fabulous stall holders at the Barn Market today and to all our lovely customers who dropped by.

Here are a few reminders of some of the fantastic products today:

And you'll be wishing you could come back for seconds of these (I know I wish I could) :

See you at the next Barn Market on Saturday May 31st!

The Barn Market Team x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The first 2014 Barn Market is just around the corner!

Feel like you've been missing something? The Barn Market is back for 2014!

Celebrate the end of summer sunshine and open your arms to autumn with a celebration of everything that we hold so dear, at the Barn Market.

We've got your old favourites and a host of exciting new makers and artisans ready to go. Whether its just to browse, to treat yourself or to buy a gift for someone special, you'll find something wonderful for everyone.

Products from some of our fabulous stallholders: Belar Bakery, Urban Bounty, Ewenicity Handcrafts, Avadon Candles, What Susie Did Next and Mondalee.

And we haven't forgotten to look after you as there will be some mouth watering gourmet food, Barista coffee and a host of other treats to sustain you when you get there.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Barn Market

To our ever amazing customers - thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement this year.  The Barn Market has continued to present you with new and established Tasmanian Designers and Makers throughout 2013 and we are thrilled to continue into 2014.

To all of our amazing Artisans, thank you for your high quality, well presented and exquisite products; we love having you as part of our Barn Market family.

From all of us here at The Barn Market: Merry Christmas and we wish you a fantastic festive season with family and friends. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


IT'S HERE!!!!!

Our final market for 2013 is set to be our BIGGEST market ever.  With stalls spilling out onto the grass and courtyard, as well as inside, there will be plenty to see.  Do you have your Christmas list ready?  Because, this is the perfect place to tick it off and all whilst supporting local small businesses.  

Along with splendid hand made products, you'll also find gourmet food items, hot drinks and food, a place to sit down and soak in the atmosphere and cheerful Christmas tunes.  

See you on Saturday.